Terms and Conditions

Innovación Profesional en Visión S.L.

These Terms and Conditions govern the terms and conditions of sale of the products marketed by iPVision.es, an integral and substantial of each proposal, order and order confirmation part of the product itself.

The conditions of sale apply to your order will be those in effect on the date on which it is made.


If you already have commercial allocated in Spain, orders can be made through this trade, using the usual communication channels. If you have not assigned commercial, orders can be made by phone (93 1744658), fax same number or e-mail ventas@ipvision.es

Large Accounts contact here: I info@ipvision.info
Department for International visit: how to import?


The specifications listed in the current catalog iPVision.es and reports in the Price List, website, catalogs, brochures, handouts, etc., are valid except for error, omission or update.

For the Price List of all products presented in this catalog, please request by phone to our Department. Commercial 931744658 iPVision.es reserves the right to modify the price of the articles published in the Price List without notice. The prices do not include VAT and are "Retail Prices". The rate of international Import Export prices quoted in USD American Dollars, transfer fees and remittances always paid by the customer.

3. / HOURS

Monday to Thursday: from 9:00 to 18:30.

Friday: 9:00 to 15:00.


To register as a client iPVision.es must complete the "HIGH NEW CUSTOMER" form that will provide our sales department. Once completed the form is accepted and proceed to check your data and eventually will be assigned a business advisor.



iPvision.es only finance customer purchases to the extent that our Dept. of Finance has allocated a sufficient level of credit.

iPVision.es reserves the right to accept or deny any application.


Once the order is known to iPVision.es and the total amount payable, it shall be paid in cash or transfer to one of the accounts listed in the bill. Once completed the client entry send the bank receipt of the transfer iPVision.es

This income shall be stamped and mechanical authentication bank. Upon receipt of the voucher, the Department. Commercial authorize shipment. The lack of mechanical seal or authentication lengthen the period of authorization of departure of the goods, within which can reach 5 business days.

5.3. / PAYMENT THROUGH direct debit

To facilitate continuity, purchases of products in the catalog and be able to choose this option requires that previously the Department of Finance has authorized iPVision.es credit. For such authorization is required to have accumulated a turnover in excess of € 3,000 operations.

Receipts will be domiciled as has been negotiated with the client. To apply should contact their usual to facilitate their application form commercial credit.

Once you have your credit and you have placed an order you must send iPvision.es bill with stamp and authorized signature of the company.


Past due amounts accrue interest at 2% per month, plus additional costs for nonpayment. According to current legislation, law 24194 of July 6, 1994. The financial penalties are not subject to VAT.


Orders over the net value of € 1,000 (seller Peninsula) will be delivered free of charge transport.

For orders that do not exceed the amount reflected above, the following charges will be included in each shipment, and freight handling concept:

- Peninsula: 6 + VAT (minimum)

- Balearic Islands, Portugal, Andorra, Ceuta and Melilla: determine shipping cost prior study or postage due

- All orders come not bear collected including postage

Any need in reference to the delivery of goods that are not within the usual system, such as express delivery, air, etc., payable by the customer.


The customer who wishes can move to collect the material at our facilities from 9:00 to 18:30, Monday to Thursday, and from 9:00 to 14:30 on Fridays. IPvision.es staff will only accept payment in cash of the merchandise unless customers with available credit, and upon written authorization. To avoid delays, the client must confirm your pick up at least two hours prior to collection during business hours.


When, for whatever reason, the client must send merchandise iPvision.es, it will always make having previously contacted his trade assigned.

If within five working days of the delivery of the material, any manufacturing defect is found, you should contact your sales, which will give you precise instructions for returning the defective material.

The equipment will be returned with all components, manuals and original packaging in perfect condition. Writing or labeling (own or carrier) in the original packaging of the product or manipulate or change the original components of the product are not allowed.

Damage caused by external devices, power surges, lightning, reload firmware or mishandling of the product invalidates your warranty.

Contact our sales department if you have any doubts.



Passeig Maritim 380 K Esc 2nd 2nd
CP 08860 Castelldefels Barcelona
Tel: 0034 93 1744658


If within one week from the receipt of the material we do not hear, understand that receipt and verification of material has been satisfied.

- Unable to use own or third party seals on the original packaging

- You can type the address directly on the packaging.

- Neither the material will be accepted without the original packaging or handling.

If iPVision.es received a product to be repaired and checked that it works properly, the customer will be refunded due to shipping costs with a fee for review. A return of any product will be accepted after 7 days after invoice date iPVision.es.

  10.3. / COSTS RETURN

Customer must ship prepaid. In the event that the defect is confirmed manufacturing and is covered under warranty, send the customer iPVision.es prepaid the substitute material. Also, a discount of 6 + VAT will be made in the following customer invoice in respect of shipping charges.

In the case of defective products out of warranty, the cost of shipping and return shipping is always borne by the customer.


IPVision.es warranty covers manufacturing defects for a period of 2 years from the date of sale except for:

- Batteries, Hard Drives, Drives CDRW / DVDRW and Monitors benefiting from the manufacturers warranty. IPVision.es warranty excludes wear parts or damage caused by surges, storms or misuse or abuse of equipment. iPvision.es repair or replace products under warranty without charge for parts or labor if found to be defective material and equipment use has been adequate.

  iPVision.es not responsible in any way for the consequences and accidental failures that are due to our fault or negligence.

  iPVision.es will have no liability for any personal injury, property damage or any other loss based on claim that this product failed or the purpose for which it was manufactured.

10.5. / COST restocking

The customer can return, except for special products section 11, through negotiation all the products you have purchased iPvision.es within the last ten days. After this time the Department. Business may accept discretionary manner such return by charging a fee equal restocking between 10% and 50% of the value of the material date of purchase that the customer wants to return, amount to be paid on account of material ; in any other case you must specify at checkout to be entered in your delivery note.


If a customer wants a product iPvision.es not listed in the Price List may apply to the Commercial Department under the following conditions.:

- The request must be irrevocable not subject to refund.

- A 50% deposit is not subject to refund should be made.


Shipments are normally made by the shipping company DHL for shipments to Spain and Portugal.

Delivery time is 24 hours for orders received on weekdays before 13:00 hours. However, iPvision.es held responsible for the late delivery of packets from causes beyond our control. All expenses relating to local taxes or customs or any other type in the destination country are the responsibility of the customer.


All material left on deposit to the customer, will be billed if 30 days have elapsed since the deposit is made, and has not been returned to our warehouse. They will also be checked when the material is not returned in mint condition, including packaging preservation.


In the event that the presence of technical staff required in iPvision.es or installations made ​​by the client, this will cover the costs of travel, accommodation and meals of the technical staff and billed the hours spent, with a cap of ten hours a day at work, in our current rates.

The Technical Service at our facilities will be billed at our current rate.


iPVision.es reserves the right to terminate the current, totally or partially, Terms and Conditions generally or particularly if it comes down to the following circumstances:

A / Violations by the customer of any of the provisions of this agreement.

B / If requested suspension of payments, insolvency or bankruptcy of any event.

C / By default on their payment obligations.

iPvision.es reserves the right to change the above conditions without notice.