Onvif 3065 POS


Onvif 3065 POS

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Swiss IPVision presents the new series of intelligent point-of-sale that allow you to send your interface to our security system as if it were a camera. With this we can save both the image and the operations performed with it. TPV operating software is not included in the package and it can be tailor-made customer according to their type of departmental sales already have. However, our Onvif application that we present here is installed on a Windows environment and this allows all applications to control the sales. Plays, once the operating system installed, the picture on the recorder as if it were an IP camera, only here the PC serves as the image of that camera. All interface happens in it is recorded as if it were a channel.

The following is a demonstration to configure our software included in the POS terminals in the most popular hybrid recorders on the market. Our application allows the integration of these recorders to the security system, so that either you acquire all full safety equipment and outlets or recycled and engages the parts that do not yet have, whether our application, the terminal itself or complete surveillance system with cameras with facial recognition and the terminal prepared




However, the system also recognizes people during the purchase process and thus save us time to look incidents box. See how:



So we have the complete package for your new business, a super terminal Touch POS software management you most want depending on the type of business you conduct, a system of surveillance and security with facial recognition to register people entering their premises and carry out operations purchase or sale, and finally the whole entire system recorded both visually and in its POS interface. Incredible right? Do not wait and request a demo with your nearest dealer

For this price we include in the package:


IPV 635


cash drawer


thermal printer




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